Dead Soul Mary: A Novel

| May 3, 2014


Dead Soul Mary: A Novel

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“Excellent… Well crafted…”

—The Eternal Night

Can Megan stop the plague of violence before it becomes unstoppable?

That’s the question raised in DEAD SOUL MARY, a literary horror novel in the traditions of Richard Matheson, Clive Barker, and Stephen King.

(From the back of the book) Megan Bauer, a spirited seventeen-year-old high school student, didn’t know souls could become sick. She didn’t know souls could die while the host lives on, unaware. But she’s going to find out. Within M.J. Winn’s chilling horror novel, DEAD SOUL MARY, Megan must save good people from brutally turning against one another in unprovoked, bloodthirsty rages. But is there time? For she must first defeat her own demons before taking on the utterly terrifying one that is incubating an evil, supernatural virus. Can Megan stop the plague of violence before it becomes unstoppable?

“…a feast of fine reading that any horror connoisseur could appreciate”

—Post Mortem Magazine

Because the characters matter…

Consider “The Walking Dead,” the most watched cable television series today. It’s killing in the ratings although the carnage within the show is secondary to its rich character development and engaging storylines. The series is more literate than most. M.J. Winn also develops characters in order to make the terror lunge off the page and into the minds of readers.

“To his credit, the author’s writing style and command of language is both original and refreshing… In addition, M.J. Winn is quite capable at character development. Horror fiction especially can fall prey to writers who can only produce cardboard cutouts in which the reader soon loses interest. Winn’s protagonists become more and more alive with each scary turn of the page.”


Dead Soul Mary is a thrilling, character-driven horror novel written for people who like to be kept up late.

Because the writing style matters…

M.J. Winn writes with well-formed prose, dark humor, and painstaking care.

“In M.J. Winn’s work I can see shades of the most popular modern horror writers. And yet his dry, witty observations, his attention to detail, uncluttered prose and superbly rounded characters give it a style all of its own.

— Paul Kane, author of Alone (In the Dark) and Touching the Flame

Because the story matters…

DEAD SOUL MARY is deceptively simple. Megan Bauer, a young Korean-American girl must combat a sociopath, a delusional “Typhoid Mary” who is purposely spreading a virus that infects not the physical being, but a person’s very essence. The disease attacks the inner duality of human nature that exists within each of us. Right and wrong become shuffled. Savage acts of violence follow. Once the illness gets a foothold, the corrupted soul soon dies, and the host is consumed by hate. Desmond, a brutal, career criminal, willfully infects innocent people. Megan becomes one of his victims. Before she can save society, she must first save herself.

It’s always a pleasant discovery to find a new author able to write dark fiction in an appealing way, to deal with horrific themes without resorting to gore and carnage, to unnerve the readers without disgusting them with grand-guignolesque scenarios. Michael Winn is such an author.


Because the author matters…

M.J. Winn is a writer and a police officer who lives in Long Island, New York. His published works have won acclaim.

“M.J. Winn will soon be linked to the other great suspense horror writers and will soon be asked to join their club.

—ScribesWorld Reviews

Dead Soul Mary is quality fiction written for a discerning, mature readership…

because good books matter.


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