Vampire Romance: Blood Games

| May 6, 2014


Vampire Romance: Blood Games

Vampire Romance and Steamy Paranormal Sex

A Few Steamy Sex Scenes and Adult Language. Mature Readers Only. 18+

Hannah Haney is an unusual vampire. Her first job is as a paramedic. She’s kind and compassionate and usually feeds on animal blood.

Jake Kovak is Hannah’s first lover who loves blood games. He’s also an alpha vampire in spades with tough vampire friends. No one messes with Jake. Not unless they want their blood drained. He’s a bad ass dude with a hold on Hannah.Jake is abusive,cruel,and untrustworthy but as a sex partner unequaled.

Jake teaches Hannah to take pleasure in wild vampire sex. She becomes hooked on it.

Answering an emergency call for paramedics she meets human victim Brad Starr. She’s fascinated by Brad. He’s the hottest man she’s ever seen and shows an interest in Hannah. He’s studying for a PHD and his thesis is on paranormal events and the history of vampire romance. He never dreamed he would fall for one.

Is there a way to break off from Jake and bring Brad up to vampire sexual speed? Hannah has an idea but it could be dangerous. Does Brad love her enough to completely change his life?

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