Peril in Persia

A forty-year-old conspiracy leads to murder and more lives are threatened. When a fellow passenger is killed on the first day of their tour of Iran, Harry believes it was no accident. But who would want him dead and why? The murdered man was clearly no tourist so why was he on the tour? What is the link with the hotel manager? The questions keep coming. Harry becomes suspicious of several of his fellow passengers who he is convinced are not what they claim to be. He will need Aunt Jessica’s steadying hand to stop him rushing into danger to solve the mystery. Revel in the magnificent setting as you take a tour of ancient Persia, exploring the glories of Darius the Great’s magnificent palace at Persepolis, the mud-brick desert cities from the 13th century, the palaces and gardens, to the peak of architectural splendour in Shah Abbas 17th century capital of Isfahan. But be prepared for treachery and deceit as the past demands revenge. A whodunit with plenty of unexpected twists with a touch of humour. It will keep you guessing until the end.

Meet Judith Cranswick

Judith has three passions in life – writing, ancient history and travel and she combines them all in her travel mysteries. She is the author of the Fiona Mason Mysteries featuring a tour manager set on coach holidays throughout Europe, and the Aunt Jessica Mysteries. Jessica is a retired archaeologist who accompanies land tours to more exotic places as the history specialist. Judith’s first two published psychological suspense novels, ‘All in the Mind’ and ‘Watcher in the Shadows’ each won the NAWG Award for Best Unpublished Novel for two years running.