Halloween Mating: Alien Fated Mate Steamy (Mated to the Bolans Book 5)

All she wanted was to flirt with a costumed stranger… He had other plans. Samantha I didn’t even want to come to this dang party in the first place, but my best friend convinced me that it’s been too long since I’ve had a night of flirty fun. I immediately set my sights on this smoking-hot guy dressed in an amazing alien costume. It’s a fantasy of mine to go on a date with an alien, so what better time to live the dream than with someone I don’t know and won’t meet again. Flirting with someone in an alien costume won’t be the same, but beggars can’t be choosers. I might get a tiny thrill and some entertainment. Arix After completing a course on human interactions, what better way to test my skills than a vacation to Earth? My friends joked that I’d be in high demand on Earth and I couldtoy with all the women on Earth. They weren’t wrong, but I’m not interested in a vacation romance. Until a curvy angel walked into the room. She’s MINE, and now I just have to convince her of it. Warning: This 14.5k word story with a lot of spiciness. You’ve been warned. A Monstrous Mistake On Halloween night, the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred and the monsters have come out to play. Meanwhile, our human leading ladies are ready to celebrate the holiday in style – with some hot men in costumes. The only problem? They haven’t yet noticed that the fur and fangs on their sexy men are entirely real. Will mistaken identity lead to love, or have these women made a monstrous mistake? This book is part of a multi-author collaboration celebrating the spirit of Halloween and monster romance.

Meet Kyra Keys

Hey, Kyra Keys here. Avid reader/blogger turned erotica writer during the pandemic — because what else was there to do? I’ve been reading steamy romance novels since elementary school when I would “borrow” my mother’s books. Discovered the key to her locked cabinet in high school and gained access to her stash of good books and was hooked ever since. I stumbled upon alien erotica novels early in the pandemic, and I honestly hadn’t known non-cheesy ones were out there. I always assumed they would be stupid. But bored with the never-ending sameness, I happened upon one with a hot alien cover and started reading. As they say, the rest is history. And here I am, writing alien erotica….