The Exchange:: A Gripping Science Fiction Adventure of Parallel Worlds and Unthinkable Transfers (Captivating Romance Novels: Unforgettable Characters)

In this gripping science fiction adventure, readers are transported to parallel worlds as two women’s lives are turned upside down by a shocking exchange. Join the eccentric scientist Jason Alexander on his quest to fix the unthinkable and bring his wife Clarissa back from a new world where she’s fallen into another man’s arms. From the vibrant Maccida world to the familiar streets of Earth, this novel is filled with suspense, intrigue, and a love that transcends all boundaries. Experience the thrill of interdimensional travel and follow Jason’s desperate attempts to fix what’s been broken in this unforgettable tale of two worlds colliding.

Meet Nikk’s Micheal

Nikk’s Michael is an award-winning author with over 7 years of experience creating inspiring quotes. In addition to her talent for writing, she is also an accomplished fiction author. She holds a B.Sc. in engineering from Novena, Singapore, where she dedicated significant time to studying the field. While writing is her side job, Nikk’s is also an enthusiastic musician who enjoys recording music in a studio, exploring new locations to gather ideas, playing volleyball, and traveling.