The Factionist: Old Recruit: Lost Memory Dystopian Cyberpunk

Mick isn’t who he thinks he is… …neither are the closest people around him. But is he ready to be someone else? In the era of extreme climate change Mick is a menial laborer working for the Federal Tempest Corporation who just happens to be calling the shots in Dome city. With only 15 million of the earth’s dwindling population allowed inside the dome he is lucky… or is he? …Not for long. When Mick receives an unexpected communication cast, his life is changed for good. Not only is he put on a path to a history he doesn’t want, but he is also on the run with Federal Tempest troops on his tail, determined to capture him, whether alive or dead. Turning to help from his best friend Leland and girlfriend Jolene he quickly finds that they aren’t who they claim to be either, and one leaves him high and dry, while the other is in just as much danger as him. What Mick doesn’t know is that he’s been off the radar for a year, and the mystery man from the communication has opened not just his past life, but his past love giving him the one person who he can possibly trust. Who exactly is Mick, and why are the Federal Tempest troops going to such great lengths to bury the truth? You will love this fast-paced cyberpunk dystopian romance about a man seeking the truth, love and perhaps revenge. Get it now. Loved By: “Edge of your seat reading. The first book in McHargue’s Factionist series keeps you guessing as the layers in this cyberpunk dystopia are peeled back and both you and the main character find out there is so much more to be revealed. A solid and intriguing start to what promises to be a new examination of who you really are when you don’t know who you are.” -G.S. Jennsen

Meet Ryan McHargue

Ryan McHargue grew up in the Pacific Northwest astride the mighty Columbia River where, as a youth in the 1980’s and 90’s, he made a strong group of friends that he’s still close with today. They consumed a steady diet of action and sci-fi TV shows and movies, played role-playing games, and dabbled in various creative pursuits including starting short-lived punk band in high school. Ryan has had plenty of Joe jobs and spent some time as volunteer firefighter/EMT before spending a quarter of a century as an IT professional. In the late 90’s, spurred on by the creative energies of his friends, Ryan decided to try his hand at becoming a published author. While on an Alaskan cruise, he took a ballpoint pen and a steno pad and started his first piece of fiction. Some of it was good. A lot of it wasn’t. But through practice and persistence he has steadily honed his craft and finished his first novel in 2023, diving right into the sequel, aspiring to much more than just a trilogy. Ryan also hosts a podcast, Geezers of the Game, which focuses on tabletop games, the game industry, writing and art. He now lives in New Mexico with his wife of 27 years, their daughter, two dogs and three cats.