The Treacherous Tide and the Stubborn Sandcastle

To fight for love is to fight for air. Both are necessary, and there is no life without either. A story of lasting love and the powerful forces working to tear it apart. In a world where love seems more and more unattainable, it only makes sense to fight for it when you have it. Nevertheless, life will not give you such a precious gift without shedding blood, sweat and tears. This short story follows a gentleman as he does all in his power to maintain the love he has cherished for as long as he can remember.

Meet C.J. Lingzero

I’m not quite sure the genre I fit into, but I find that where I write significantly influences the story’s mood and how it unfolds. I wrote my most recent book freehand, and while understanding and editing my hurried scribbles was a nightmare, I loved writing without a filter and letting the story tell itself. My writing process: I start with an idea and do little to no planning unless an idea comes to me that I must fit in somehow. I love exploring how different characters would uniquely handle situations, and I hope my characters feel real because of that. While perhaps not the best time to get into writing, given the artificial competition churning out hundreds of books a day, I have found something special in writing that I wish I had found years ago. I’m still learning to spin a yarn, but I hope my improvement is evident from book to book. These are my stories, my filtering of the world around me into fiction, and I hope you enjoy them.