Secrets of the Kashmir Valley: Third Edition

This is a true story. Award-winning writer and educator on the relationship between conflicts and love takes you inside a beautiful valley to expose the secrets of war.

Welcome to Wonderland. Where tragedy meets beauty.

In this new edition, Farhana Qazi takes you inside Kashmir, a conflict that has been raging for over seventy years between nuclear-armed states, India and Pakistan. This is not a book about the politics of war but the women affected by decades of trauma, tragedy, and terrible life events.
In Kashmir, a people trapped in a centuries-old conflict are limited first by context. An occupation impedes the people’s freedom and stifles their choices. We live in a cage. No one cares for us. No one understands our pain. The world has changed. We are going backward. We want love and to be loved. Something is going to happen to us. I can feel it. Our land is threatened. Where will we go?

Take a journey into Kashmir to discover the mystery, magic and maddening conflict that has affected everyone.

Warning: This is an emotional story. The conflict affects girls and women differently and sexual violence is discussed and exposed. This new edition includes events since 2021 which includes India’s bulldozer policy that gives it the power to destroy homes.