The Elk Virus

A coming of age and graphic fantasy tale of an outcast and street fighter Leon Dredman set adrift in a sea of racial and economic turmoil in the historical setting of Thatcher-era North London. Desperate for a change in fortune Leon learns of a vacant position as a warehouseman with the Constructivists, an enigmatic art cult rumoured to have knowledge of an ancient and powerful computer virus known as the Elk Virus. Leon is unwittingly lured into a quest full of magical realism to find the magical virus on the forbidden planet of Afriana. He soon finds however that his epic fantasy is fraught with danger from dark mages, worms, hostile trolls and other dangers. Brimming with dark treacherous twists and turns and backed by a powerful cast of complex supernatural characters. Leon, plunges into a survival fantasy adventure of unparalleled fervour that ratchets up the intensity with every step.

Meet Joel Kingsley

In 2015, I began exploring the worlds of paint and photography with a particular focus on abstract art, particularly cut-and-paste photography. I was fascinated by the way images could be created or altered to create a new meaning. My works sought to capture the relationship between conscious thought and action versus the subconscious or dreaming state. My first novel ‘The Elk Virus’ stretches the boundaries of storytelling by combining words and images in an effort to create a vivid blend of fantasy and reality, where the world of fantasy and everyday life intertwine and become one.