Meditation for Mental Health. How to Meditate for Beginner’s. A 10-Lesson Guide On How to Find Calm, Focus, and Mindfulness. : Practice to Control Overthinking and Anxiety.

“Meditation for Mental Health: A 10-Lesson Beginner’s Guide how to Finding Calm, Focus, and Mindfulness.” is a comprehensive guide for those new to meditation. This book offers 10 lessons filled with mindfulness techniques and practical exercises to help you develop a regular meditation practice and improve your mental health. With a focus on reducing anxiety and promoting calm, this manual provides step-by-step instructions and tips on how to achieve a calm mind and focus your thoughts. Whether you are looking to incorporate yoga and mind detox practices, or simply want to learn the basics of meditation, this book is the ultimate guide for beginners. Packed with techniques and exercises, this manual serves as a comprehensive course on how to meditate and find peace in a busy world.

Meet Kostyantin Kavun

Friends, I’m glad to greet you. My name is Kostiantyn Kavun, and I’m very honored that you decided to try meditation with me. I started writing this book during tumultuous times — in 2022, after quarantine and during the invasion by evil neighbors in my native Ukraine. Constant stress motivates me to make changes in my life, so that’s why I chose meditation. First, I tried, then I practiced, and over time, meditation entered my life as a healthy habit along with hygiene. By the way, meditation is hygiene because it clears the mind. I started writing this book at first for myself as a summary. I take notes on almost all new knowledge because I like systematizing everything. Since I’m an entrepreneur and my interests are very diverse, and there are many tasks, I almost always constantly defocus my attention and stress. Therefore, to cope with all this, I found two pillars: systematization (I’ll most likely write a separate book about this) and meditation.