The Sect: The herd is where you will find salvation since the wolf preys on stray sheep (son of chaos series Book 2)

The herd is where you will find salvation since the wolf preys on stray sheep. Walid is a young boy, and because of his cow, he becomes a strategic target for an officer in the State Security Service, who discovers that a mysterious story revolves around him, finding themselves in the midst of a complex process of mass brainwashing in one of the most brutal prisons, to make one of the world’s most dangerous functional denominations, and then ending up under the microscope of the Son of Chaos series. If all of your traumatic and painful experiences were to pass without you being able to share them with others, then it wasn’t like that because the first thing that pain does to a person is give them the capacity for influence. This novel does not offend certain sects, nor does it support them. No matter what labels or terminology are used, the author believes that every human being is independent, has their own entity, and their own system. Accordingly, everyone should endeavor to protect all those who are being persecuted and eliminate injustice against all those who are being oppressed. According to the rule of the jungle, minorities in societies may experience injustice and persecution to varied degrees depending on the society, hence, the author supports the necessity to protect them, but when a minority of people band together to protest the injustice of the majority, we cannot accept their crime or remain silent about it under the guise of protecting minorities. This is especially true if the sect takes on the characteristics of a covert organization, with goals it works to achieve through unethical means at the expense of the majority. To all those who are introverted, loner strangers of their societies, to all the madmen, in the eyes of those around them, you are the ones who make the difference.

Meet Ahmad I. AlKhalel

When I was a child, I made sure to write down all my concerns, wishes, and aspirations, which were not always childish, or perhaps even so childish, that would occur only to a child who was naive enough of his peers, and then I burned this paper, believing that this would make my words merge with the whole universe so that it, in turn, could react to them as it sees fit. Since then, I have lived a life that may not be successful to the standards of many people today, but it is very exceptional, and the difference between success and exception is a thorny dilemma, with a slight difference. Every exception is a success, but not every success is an exception, at least this is how I see things from my own perspective. And the problem with exceptional people is, that many people are not qualified to see success behind their exceptions. If we wanted to group people according to their academic success, every few million of them would be grouped into one group, and for me, my goal in this life was not to be in a crowded group. In my opinion, the real success lies in the memoirs. If you ever decide to write your own memoirs, do you think that it will be exceptional from the rest of the memoirs of millions and millions of people crowding into your group? You own the answer.