Stolen Diary: A Women’s Coming-of-Age Family Saga

Jasmin is super smart, but… can she deal with her disengaged mother? when she steals a diary, she’s afraid to return it. Should she keep it? must she act on the secrets she discovers in the journal? Aided by her grandfather, Jasmin retreats into a world of science and music, and while he wants her to become the next Einstein, her heart is set on gaining love and acceptance. You will adore this book because of the escalating secrets that are bound to explode. “The explosive story that unfolds inStolen Diaryis enthralling and exciting and will take readers’ hearts to unexpected places. Kathryn Lane has given us a gift.” —Lowell Mick White, author of Normal School

Meet Kathryn Lane

Kathryn Lane, award-winning author of the Nikki Garcia Mystery Series, sets her novels and short stories in foreign countries and exotic places. Kathryn credits her imagination to growing up in Mexico, a country which was rich in storytelling and steeped in cultural traditions. Her creativity was first expressed by painting in oils and when reality of earning a living set in, she studied accounting and finance, and joined a multinational corporation where she attained her dream job of traveling abroad. After two decades in the corporate world and having visited over 90 countries, Kathryn left to fulfill a second dream – writing mystery and suspense novels. Fans of strong female protagonists and suspenseful stories are likely to enjoy Kathryn’s work. The Nikki Garcia thrillers include: Waking Up in Medellin – named Best Fiction Book of the Year 2017 by Killer Nashville. Also available in Spanish edition “Despertando en Medellin”. Recently announced as a finalist in the Latino Books into Movies Latino Themed TV Series 2021. Also available in Audio. Danger in the Coyote Zone – first place winner in the Action/Adventure category in Latino Books into Movies 2018. It was also a finalist in the Thriller category at Killer Nashville 2018. Revenge in Barcelona – Silver Winner, Mystery/Thriller, Reader Views, 2019-2020. Finalist in the 2020 Eric Hoffer Book Awards. Finalist in the Next Generation Book Awards for 2020. Also, recently announced as a finalist in the Latino Books into Movies Latino Themed TV Series 2021. Missing in Miami – Winner, 2022 International Latino Book Awards, Best eBook Fiction. Stolen Diary – is Kathryn’s the latest release. A stand alone novel, explores the challenges a gifted child, who is also on the autism spectrum, must face growing up with a disengaged mother who cannot relate to her, and a doting grandfather who encourages her genius. Kathryn’s short story collection, Backyard Volcano and Other Mysteries of the Heart, was named Best Short Story Collection 2018 by Killer Nashville. Kathryn and her husband, Bob Hurt, split their time between Texas and the mountains of northern New Mexico.