Enlightenment of the Rogue Emperor: Rogue, Arcane and Desolate: Book 1

Eugenie is a certified, double-vetted, regular, ordinary high-school girl living her best life someone more competent planned for her, in a perfectly normal world, where strange things don’t happen because that is simply impossible. Or so she thought. Right the second she graduates, the rug under her feet gets pulled and she, alongside a young, mysterious scoundrel, takes a wild tumble down a mountain of myths and hoaxes that her country has been built upon into a whirl of unknown, scary… but oh, so exciting. Enlightenment of the Rogue Emperor is a lighthearted, fun, action-packed fantasy with a dash of romance and it is intended to entertain young readers above the age of 15. Contains crude language. If some characters from this book asked you to pull their finger, you better not. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Meet Jana Klánová

Jana Klánová is an author from the capital of beer and magic, Prague, Czech Republic. Her work is hugely influenced by authors like Terry Pratchett, J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Stephanie Meyer, Tara Gilesbie and other absolute legends.