NO NEED TO DO ANYTHING: You don’t need to do anything: neither starve nor follow diets nor anything else to normalize or lose weight! And be healthy and happy! (About YOU! Book 1)

This book will allow you to get to the bottom of the problems associated with being overweight, overeating, health problems, stress, starvation … After all, these symptoms have a deep psychological basis! It is because of this basis that humanity has so many problems and difficulties in these matters! The author very simply and clearly describes such deep and fundamental psychological problems, as if you are talking with your very good and faithful friend and, during this conversation, you can feel how you become more confident and unexpectedly stronger! You suddenly begin to understand where these problems and difficulties come from… And when this happens, they will no longer have any power over you!! There is a “forbidden” chapter on happiness at the end of the book as a bonus, and you may have a very surprising discovery!….

Meet Vitalii Voroshylov

The author has always been interested in issues related to life, issues of success, overcoming, difficulties, the basis for the appearance of problems and has devoted more than fifteen years to the study of various human conditions. He is a businessman, lecturer, founder of several companies. He was educated in Ukraine and Denmark. Author of many articles and publications on the topic of human problems and relationships!