Noise: Origin

Follow Jeffrey Fabouya and his curious girlfriend through their tale of vengeance, betrayal, adventure and battles as the unwinding roads lead them to their destiny. Jeffrey is taken by his father to attend boarding school, the first of its kind. He resists strongly but his father forces him and he ends up in school despite his work experience as a port manager and overseer at the age of fourteen. The school turns out to be a pit for the elite and Jeffrey is brought face to face with the horrors of being the second in line o his family’s fortune. He runs from this but is confronted with an even bigger trial when he crosses the world of the seen and comes in contact with otherworldly creatures but he is not alone, Mey a young girl he met in school keeps him company on his journey. * Noise is a fantasy, and supernatural book with spirits in an urban world.

Meet Blank Bello

Blank A. Bello’ also known as ‘Abdulbasit Bello’ is a passionate fantasy fan who has always loved stories and how they unfold. After many ideas, he finally decided to start writing stories at a very young age exploring several genres along the way. His stories carry a different feel with each book, as his writing style changes. He has received several respectable criticisms and accolades from readers across the globe. His Novels are entertaining, easy to read and have a realistic touch. You can reach out and follow him on social media for any questions, observations or discussions. He is very active and responds often. Social links are below.