The Tale of Mallory Mouse: From Foster Care to Adoption

Mallory Mouse may be tiny, but she captures hearts in a big way during her journey through foster care. While it may seem that Mallory begins her journey alone, she is never truly alone, as God is by her side the entire time. Mallory experiences love from her birth mother, her foster mom and her forever mommy, each in a unique way. This charming tale is bursting with love!

Meet Laura Khoury

Laura Khoury is the adoptive mother of two beautiful girls. In addition, she and her husband have embraced the fostering of young children. Laura feels deeply passionate about creating stories about foster care and adoption as a way to encourage children to talk about their personal stories. It is Laura’s belief that all children should know where they come from and feel a sense of pride in their story. Laura and her family currently live in a small town in Michigan where they love being outdoors all year round. They enjoy fishing, skiing, hiking, and just relaxing with a book on the boat or at the beach. She loves children’s literature and feels energized and right at home when writing about her passion.