Love Sick: Stories

It’s human nature to love. We can’t help ourselves. Love is complicated. Sometimes, it brings us comfort. Other times, it’s the bane of our existence. We get caught up in it anyway. Fall in love with the characters in this multi-genre collection. Share in their joy and heartbreak. These stories will tear at your emotions as they remind you what it means to love. With imaginative tales like Princess of Fereylind, slice-of-life stories like Family Frolic, the magic realism found in Sofia’s Snow Day, and the tragedy of Had We Known, this anthology will bring readers through the vicissitudes of love.

Meet Tiffany Higgins

Tiffany Higgins is an award-winning creative storyteller who writes stories across a handful of genres. Her imaginative stories entertain readers from around the globe. Tiffany enjoys writing and finds it a relaxing pastime. She only wishes she could devote far more time to her craft. She dreams of one day quitting her job and writing full-time. She is living the dream in Michigan with her husband, two kids, and their cats.