Hunter’s Games (Adrian Hell #2)

| May 7, 2014


Hunter's Games (Adrian Hell #2)

A city at the mercy of a deadly terrorist… Only one man can put an end to the carnage!

Adrian Hell is back in this explosive new thriller, this time in the picturesque city of San Francisco. After carrying out a routine contract, he is completely stunned when he gets inexplicably arrested by the FBI. Then, to cause even more confusion, they ask for his help…

A terrorist calling himself ‘The Shark’ has been on a rampage in the city, and is always one step ahead of the authorities. Is it a coincidence that our favorite killer-with-a-conscience is in the city at the same time a wave of terror attacks is unleashed?

Twelve months after the events in “Crucible”, Adrian Hell finds himself playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with someone who is just as good at killing as he is. And for the first time in his life, he’s forced to question whether he’s the hunter… or the hunted!

Book 2 in the Adrian Hell series.


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