School Resource Officer

A change in patrol. ★ An officer trying to find a second chance. ★ A hot blonde who is a much-needed distraction. (updated cover!) Officer Tony Sepulveda is jaded. He’s had decades on the force, slamming it out in patrol, keeping the streets safe. When a new post opens, his sergeant puts Tony in for the job. Community Policing? Tony’s appalled at his new position. At first, he thinks his new patrol is nothing more than babysitting and community finessing. But then he meets Amber, a stunning mom at the local middle school, and suddenly the new patrol is much more interesting. Sparks fly right away. He never thought this change at the police station would make such an impact. He finds himself with a second chance as he falls hard for her. And she seems to be falling for him. She becomes more than a distraction until a drug problem hitting close to the schools also hits close to Amber’s daughter, and puts them in the path of danger. Can Tony stop the supply and find the kingpin before any kids, school officials, or parents are hurt? The Men in Uniform series is a pulled-from-real-life police romance with hot cops and police action. If you like the boys in blue, police action, and exhilarating characters, you’ll love School Resource Officer by M.D. Dalrymple.

Meet M.D. Dalrymple

M.D. Dalrymple is an author, professor, wife, and mother. She is the author of several award winning books and lives on the west coast with her family.