Monster To Butterfly Secret (Daisy & Joya’s Kids Bedtime Story Books)

| May 7, 2014


Monster To Butterfly Secret (Daisy & Joya's Kids Bedtime Story Books)

Monster To Butterfly Secret

When a child tells you they have monsters in their room at night, what do you tell them to make them go away? If you are a child, of course you’ll ask your best friend for help.
Girls and boys will have fun discovering how Daisy and Joya become super charged discovering the answer to ending monsters in the room at night. Or are they just silly dreams?  Daisy and Joya are two best friends. Daisy has the monsters. While Joya hatches a plan to go ask Wise Owl for help.
Non-readers 3-5 and early readers ages 6-8 will enjoy hearing, reading and looking at the colorful picture book pictures beside text. Helping their imaginative minds easily absorb them into the storybook tale.
The girls are super charged by Wise Owl into taking action themselves. It’s a fast moving non-scary story book adventure. However it doesn’t go as planned and off Daisy and Joya go back to Wise Owl.
It’s well known when we hear or read a book we become the character or characters in the book. This means your child will have the power Wise Owl gives to Daisy and Joya.
As Wise Owl do, they always give awesome advice and a secret to use on monsters. This positive secret given by Wise Owl isn’t only used on monsters only you and your child will discover.
This isn’t only a girls story book as boys also need and will love the confidence boost it gives them dealing with everyday problems. Because they know they will have the power. Simply by saying three powerful words whenever they wish and it’ll help them in their kids big world.
Go ahead discover this fun picture book for kids from 3-9 years. Daisy even takes time and practices the three power words with your child. You may find your child helping Daisy, saying the 3 powerful words out loud when the monsters return into Daisy’s room at night. Do the words work?
Discover Monster To Butterfly Secret...for fun bedtime story and  secret power…

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