Salesman of the Year

| May 8, 2014


Salesman of the Year


New Year’s Eve, 1999.

When Detective Brad Hightower reports for duty on the last night of the year, he finds the station’s big room on the ragged edge of chaos: Cops. Drunks. Beat-down subjects. Prostitutes. Johns. Perps and victims alike, dressed in tattered New Year’s Eve regalia.

And it’s only a quarter to six.

The man is already in a foul mood (don’t ask), and then he learns his record for obtaining confessions during the year has just been tied by rival detective Earl “Mad Dog” Santee. There’s going to be a playoff tonight for the bragging-rights title of Salesman of the Year.

Brad is against it on principle, thinks it’s unethical – maybe even illegal – but he feels trapped. He needs to defend his gentle, psychology-based interrogation technique against Mad Dog’s profanity-laced blitz of intimidation and threats.

Before the night is out there will be an explosion, several cases of hostage taking, and multiple gunshot victims laid out on the floor, dead. Plus a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate complete with fluffy little marshmallows and a disturbing quantity of Ex-Lax.

In the end, Brad will have to come face-to-face with his most shameful and carefully guarded secret.


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