Strong Happy Family: Unexpected Advice

| May 8, 2014


Strong Happy Family: Unexpected Advice from an Ivy League Mom of Ten

Strong Happy Family answers questions like:

  • How do you feed them all?
  • How do get them to do what you say?
  • How do you handle the holidays?
  • How do you get through a miscarriage?
  • How do you give your kids a sense of meaning and purpose?
  • What do you do for struggling learners?
        In my peculiar vernacular, “Strong Happy Family” does not mean that the kids don’t argue (they do) or that I don’t ever have down days (I do) or that the house is always picked up (it’s not).
        What I mean by a Strong Happy Family is one in which each member behaves honorably, pursues interests heartily, and knows unquestioningly that he or she is loved deeply.  A Strong Happy Family is not quiet, but it is peaceful.  It is not sterile, but it is orderly.  It is not silly, but it is funny.  It’s a place where kids are secure enough to go off the beaten track, but thoughtful enough to travel there without annoying others.  A Strong Happy Family values ideas and people, not possessions and entertainment.
        And a Strong Happy Family can be any size.

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