Case of the Plucked Chicken (Magical Pumpkin Book 2)

“Bestselling Children’s Book features fantastic illustrations by artist Gary Wein. This book teaches Courage and Responsibility while being the funniest chicken story you’ll ever read. Once upon a time plucked chickens start appearing in every kitchen. Where do these rogue chickens come from and how did they get a peculiar attitude? No one will know until the sheriff cracks the case. A hilarious lesson on courage and responsibility about a sheriff who must man-up before everyone catches chick-a-lunacy or rooster-run-a-phobia. Check out the Pumpkin’s Gone with the Wind. Its one of the most beautiful lessons about life ever. Read more about this book”

Meet Rodney Evans

Rodney is a retired Coast Guard officer. Always a strong advocate for children, after a fantastic career of life-saving, law enforcement and homeland security, he has a lot of stories to tell. Rodney’s humorous artistic voice is a sneaky way to teach. It draws you in, gets you laughing and leaves everyone wanting more. Originally from Gulfport, MS, he currently resides in Winchester, VA with his wonderful wife, children and the oldest member of the family, a beagle-mix named ‘Buddy’.