Olivetti: Illumination

| May 9, 2014


Olivetti: Illumination

In the present, Tom Olivetti awakens in Rome with unbelievable abilities, only to discover he belongs to a sect of superior species – the Rulers of the world we don’t see – the Illuminati. The Cartels want him dead. The FBI wants him in prison for suspicion of terrorism and faking his death. With no memories of anything before the plane crash, he is left to figure out his past to help the Illuminati fulfill their main goal – a New World Order and his love for Nina Owen might be the only way to fulfill his destiny. His devotion to the Illuminati, the mafia and his family collide into one oblivious ball of chaos. How can he live a peaceful existence with that much power and that many enemies?

In the past, Frederick Olivetti arrives in New York from Sicily in hopes to achieve the American dream. However, his bloodline already has a different destiny set up for him.

Part 2 of the Olivetti Series – Illumination, will make you start to question the existence of the Rulers we don’t see. It’s a bittersweet tale of a grandfather and his grandson that will leave you hanging for the last book of the Olivetti Trilogy – Olivetti: Inferno.


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