Time is of the Essence: Walk to town/Run from the fire

| May 10, 2014


Time is of the Essence: Walk to town/Run from the fire (The Real Estate Diva Mysteries)

Claim Jump, CA was founded on the principle of act first and suffer the consequences later. But sometimes sooner becomes the new later.
Over building and over population results in disaster when a firestorm sweeps down the forest and into town.
“I could just make out the car lights through the windows on either side of the front door, there was only one way off the mountain. I wondered if anyone considered that a problem?
Stuck in traffic, no alternative routes.
What a way to live. What a way to die.”

Allison has more to contend with that forest fires. In this second book of the Real Estate Diva Mystery Series, Allison must deal with missing clients and negligent care givers as well as former lovers who refuse to stay former.

This cozy mystery delivers both suspense and readability. The kindle books have been revised but not updated; Allison is of her time and her time is in the middle of the worst real estate market since the 80s.

But there is always something interesting to distract her.

A word from Allison: “I know that some people will look to the author and say, “Oh, is that YOU?” Of course I’m not her. I have twice the listings she does and better hair plus, I already own that Dooney and Bourke purple alligator bag she craves but can’t afford. So I’m here to tell you, I am myself.”

Come and experience life with Allison Little, the biggest realtor in town. Check into the Look Inside feature and start right now!

“You are so funny. Your wit, wisdom and information are second to none.”
Bud Gardner – Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul.


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