The Word: A Novel

| May 11, 2014


The Word: A Novel

After Joe Dixon leaves Folsom Prison, he vows never to go back. Although willing to go straight if necessary, an old prison mentor tips Joe off to the perfect con: the word of God. With what little money he has, Joe opens a ramshackle whitewashed storefront called The Word. Sitting in The Word, reading the King James Bible and waiting for spiritually hungry parishioners to provide for his material needs, Joe soon realizes that this scam might not be as easy as he though. His Bible is stolen, and to make things worse, his cash is dwindling, rent’s due, an unfriendly local copper tames an unwanted interest in his operation and his probation officer is breathing down his neck. and no followers, things got worse. With no followers, The Word’s future looks bleak…until a mysterious benefecator pays the rent, buys a new Bible and Joe finds himself surrounded by waifs and strays, discovering that his mentor’s scheme is working — if not exactly how Joe expected.

About the Author

Charles Alverson has enjoyed a prolific writing career, authoring articles for an array of publications including Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal and HELP! Magazine. He also helped co-write the screenplays for the cult-hit Terry Gilliam films Jabberwocky and Brazil. Although originally from Los Angeles, Alverson currently lives far abroad in Serbia. You can learn more about him and his other books by visiting


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