The Last Lord Of The Moors

| May 12, 2014


The Last Lord Of The Moors

In the twenty-first century, who needs Lords anymore?

Richard, Lord of the Manor of Arkthwaite, lives alone in his crumbling house, resenting his hereditary position. He’s hoping to drink himself to an early grave and bring the title to an end.

His bleak plans are upset when newcomer Helena decides to shake up this fading community. She’s been jilted and she needs a new project, so she joins forces with local headmistress Vicky and together they hatch a plan to bring broadband to this remote spot. Their lives clash with Richard’s as the cable needs to be dug across his land.

But when Richard falls for Helena, it gets more complicated. She’s suspicious of men and their compliments; and he has his own reasons for wanting to stay single. Can they both shake off their histories to bring a better future to the village – and their own lives?

Contains: romance, community regeneration, pagans, over-the-top mothers, British humour, rain. Gentle romance with no adult scenes but a few occasions of PG-13 language.


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