The Killer 3

| May 13, 2014


Action & Adventure (The Killer 3)

Kindle Fiction Review by Les
Brilliance, Sheer Bloody Brilliance. A terrific tale of international terrorism
The action continues as the mystery and suspense reaches a shattering climax in The Killer III.
Look out America, this Brit isn’t coming…. he’s already here – The UK’s #1 bestselling action adventure author Jack Elgos presents…
The Killer III: The Final Reckoning.

In the conclusion of this epic adventure former IRA hard man Darren McCann is seeking vengeance for the brutal murder of his Ma. Now going under the name of Liam O’Neil and working for the British Government, Liam knows he is ultimately just a pawn between the IRA and the British, and dreams of taking his Catalan mistress Montse out of the reach of both. However this dream must be put on hold until the men who signed his Ma’s death warrant are killed for their crime.
His quest takes him back to old comrades in the Basque terrorist training camps, his Irish homeland and military bases in the UK.

In his inimitable style, Elgos captures the political and human aspects of The Troubles in this final, fast paced Pulp-Fiction style, thriller story, while painting believable and likeable characters that draws the reader in from page one.

Reviews for The Killer III:

For me to read three books in a year is a big ask, this trilogy I read in one week, simply fantastic, fast paced and flowing, gripping story that creates a blockbuster movie in your mind.

Excellent read.
I took this book away on holiday with me and absolutely loved it! Full of mystery & suspense and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through.
Finished it within a couple of days as I raced towards the conclusion – I couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended!!”

Fantastic Finish!!!
This was just a fantastic finish to a great trilogy. This kept me reading long after I should have been asleep, I just couldn’t put it down. If you like sitting on the edge of your seat, you really need to read this!!!
Kate Jude,

Pulp Fiction at its best.
You know when you’re reading a good book when a bookmark is rarely used, if at all, or you notice with horror that the percentage read on your eReader is racing towards 100% far too quickly. Such is the case with this trilogy of unputdownable pulp fiction at it’s very best.
The plot behind these books is a simple story of revenge. Darren McCann grew up on the troubled streets of Belfast in the 70s where he learned to fight and where he got rather good at inflicting violence, so much so that the IRA wanted to recruit him. Young Darren wanted nothing to do with the cause until his Ma was brutally murdered….and here the tale of revenge begins.
Darren’s journey through these 3 books is very violent but also very, very funny. The characters are larger than life but not so much that they appear unbelievable.
The same can be said for the adventures that Darren finds himself having (including a bank robbery with ETA and jail breaks in Spain).
Darren is brutal but likeable and you find yourself rooting for him in all his escapades although you know you shouldn’t be.
This last book finds Darren getting closer to exacting the retribution he has longed for for so many years….but you’ll have to read the book to see if he was successful!”

Amazing read for all
Yet another real page turner. Loved it from start to finish. It was definitely worth the wait. Would recommend this trilogy to anyone.
Julie G,

Top read
Brilliant read could not put it down, fast paced and never a dull moment. Recommended to all thriller readers. Brill
Phillip Neil Wright,

Gutted when I finished the series! Well written, strong characters. Made believable by good writing. Well done, more please!



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