Throbbing Hearts (Hearts Series)

| May 14, 2014


Throbbing Hearts (Hearts Series)

“Romance authors have a real tendency to turn a one night stand into a love story. Which was definitely not the case in Throbbing Hearts… I can’t wait to know what happens next.” – A Reader Lives A Thousand Lives Book Blog
Brendan Clark and Annie O’Brien aren’t ready to meet, but that doesn’t stop them. He’s just out of college and she’s another year to go, still heavy in her goth, sarcastic stage. Brendan’s newly single – for the first time in four years – and he’s decided women can’t be trusted. Can she change his mind, and will he let her? When two hearts are destined to meet, they throb, but can they handle the call, or will they catapult each other into a whole, crazy, new world…

HEARTS SERIES: Throbbing Hearts (part 1), Reaching Hearts (part 2), Crushing Hearts (part 3)
Erotic romance. Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and adult situations.

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