Discover The Magic In You: A Path To Self-Realization

| May 15, 2014


Discover The Magic In You: A Path To Self-Realization

Discover The Magic in You, is literally a map and guide to direct the use of your mind, imagination and emotions into the expression of the world at large. Through understanding we become not only the actors in our life, but more importantly the directors.

Discover the Magic in You, is the discovery that through the use of imagination we are the creators of life not just externally but also internally.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” -Albert Einstein.

Discover the Magic is the bible for those of us wanting to express more of what is potentially possible in the human experience, dissatisfied with what is considered the norm.

We will step by step use the inner mind to not only enhance creativity but also to use it directly in our experience of creating the life we not only wish but choose. You will be given time tested methods developed by both the scientific community and the ancient world of the Amazon Shaman that have now been taught to millions world wide, to enhance health and vitality, self healing, creative imagination, loving relationships, financial success and material wealth that interacts with the natural process of the environment.

Evolution has not only brought us consciousness, but now moves us to become are real part of the creative expression of life. This natural creative process is inherent in all human beings, though few express it, limited by not only their education, but more by their beliefs. Discover The Magic aims to change that.

Discover the Magic is filled with the knowledge of over 35 years of teaching experience. Follow along as Dino teaches and guides your creativity into the material world, for health, vitality, both material and spiritual riches and to experience the depth of what it means to be human.


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