The Gwousz Affair

| May 15, 2014


The Gwousz Affair

A genre-bender (think Animal Farm blended with The Big Sleep, spiced with a dash of Gulliver’s Travels and served with a side of Blade Runner), The Gwousz Affair is a dystopian-mystery novel in which the Western world is largely ruled by highly intelligent bovines. Yet at the heart of the novel lies a story that is pure noir.

Cornelius Planke is having a bad decade. First, his wife of twelve years leaves him for another guy. Then he is canned from the force for no good reason that he can think of. Now an underemployed P.I., he finds himself looking for the killer of a young Developed heifer. The hard-drinking Planke wades into an underworld peopled by Neo-Carnivores, the Meat Mafia, bovine Salvationists, Skullhead scientists, dezoe actors, and rebel Euro-Domestics who are fighting for the rights of undeveloped ungulates in the colonies. Along the way, he falls for the seductive Dween, a Developed ewe. Trapped in a web of deceit, lies, and untold dangers, Planke soon realizes that nothing is as it seems—and more importantly, that the present caper may cost him his heart, and probably his life.

Gritty, funny, speculative, and gripping, The Gwousz affair is cutting edge Sci-Fi Noir for the 21st century.


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