Bonus Question Bonuses!

| August 30, 2007

secret.jpgAnswer A Bonus Question Get A Bonus!

I love comments and I want to encourage as many as possible. Therefore I’m introducing a new segment to It’s Write Now. It’s called Super Secret Bonuses.

Occasionally I will mention Bonuses. This could be a Bonus Question or Some Other Bonus Activity.

Some Reader who answers the question or participates in the activity will win some kind of Bonus Prize.

Bonuses will be Unannounced and Secret. The prizes may be Something Small. But you Never Know what I’ll come up with. I plan on using my Imagination.

I plan on making this a Regular Feature. I want visits to my site to be Uplifting, Informative, and Fun.

Just keep the Word Bonus in mind when browsing my site. It might Pay Off.

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9 Comments on "Bonus Question Bonuses!"

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  1. icedragon says:

    I’m scanning this post right now, you never know when a hidden word bonus may appear

    Is there any reason to have capital letters mixed, the last sentence reads:

    Just Word Bonus Pay Off

  2. Emma says:

    As far as the Caps, I’ve just been experimenting with emphasizing words and making posts more scannable. For those in a Hurry. I try to use proper grammar, but blogging is also conversational and a quick read for many.

    Bonus questions won’t be hidden. They will be very clear, as in “The Riddler”, bonus question on my reader question comment post.

    The secret part is that there is a prize of some sort attached and how or to whom will it be given too.

    If your looking over the site or reading a post you won’t have to work hard to figure out it’s a bonus question.

    I’m just trying to make the site a little more interactive.

    Thanks for continuing to read and for taking the time to comment. Emma

  3. Mike Perry says:

    First thanks for the review on my blog – I almost blushed!

    Like the idea of a bonus question and generally enjoyed my visit.

    Good luck,

  4. Emma says:

    Thanks Mike. It’s nice to hear from you. Emma

  5. Katie says:

    I’ve just come across your site and I think this bonus game sounds like fun! I’ll be coming back often!

  6. Emma says:

    Welcome Katie, thanks for stopping by. Emma

  7. Really like the bonus feature of your blog.Very unique idea
    Found your site on Fair Review and may do a review of your site on my blog.happy blogging

  8. Emma says:

    Thank-you Marie I think fair review is awesome. I’m trying to think of cool things to make my site interactive. The only thing holding me back is lack of time. But everyone has that problem. I’m kind of taking a break right now so you may not see a new post til Tuesday. I hope It’s Write Now can weather the storm. Take Care, Emma

  9. Derebe says:

    I love seeing dienrefft covers (or even titles!) books have in other countries, to make them more appealing to dienrefft audiences.I read this book a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same love for it as you do as I read this book after reading 2 other books on a similar topic and by the time I got to this one, I was worn out.But I am glad you liked it! I love seeing book posts, especially on books I have read:-).