Mind & Body Weapons – Total Attack Elimination Part II

| May 16, 2014


Mind & Body Weapons - Total Attack Elimination Part II.


Fast & Natural Attack Elimination Skills and Power Building

All fans of self-defense and the first Total Attack Elimination book by Sifu William Lee will be glad to know that he’s developed additional 14 videos, more real-life photos, and descriptions of how to take down a violent opponent fast and without unnecessary force. Psychology behind the self defense such as mental awareness or overcoming subconscious blocks are the aspects probably explained in poorest ways but are n fact crucial for personal safety in real life situations. Sifu Lee here reveals easy to apply proven methods everyone can use and turn it’s Mind (often greatest liability) in to sharp weapon. Pressure point self defense presented in this practical guide offers exactly what reality of modern life demands. Total Attack Elimination II covers ‘street situations’ such as: Shoulder Grab, Wrist Grab, Grab From Behind, Hook Punch, etc. Other scenarios include moves when there’s no room to strike, push back, or similar. Best of all, since Lee counsels about factors many feel missing, such as increase the element of surprise, minimizing legal implications and ability for the attacker to plead that they were the victim of unprovoked aggression. Lee’s methods can be used by anyone, regardless of physical strength and prior training, and are also applicable for anyone who has gone through martial arts training and wished to add to their existing knowledge base.


˃˃˃THIS BOOK AND VIDEO IS NOT FOR PEOPLE THAT THINK THEY CAN DEFEAT AGGRESSOR BY BRUTE PHYSICAL FORCE. In my life, I have met with numerous people that share the opinion of MR. LEE LISTON, one star reviewer of this 2nd Part of TAE Book Series. Man and women carrying that superficial mindset trough their life’s are amongst the “most endangered” ans well as “most vulnerable” groups when we speak about real life self defense. Here is why:

    • They think their speed, strength, skills of punching or kicking are enough to protect them


  • They are missing entire ‘inner game’ that is most important factor of any aspect of life INCLUDING martial arts and self defense



  • These individuals mostly attract the troubles and attackers by irritating predators with the falsely build ‘I am strong and powerful – you can touch me’ attitude


These people are simply unfortunate individuals, missing to grasp crucial aspects of life. I can guarantee you, completeness in self defense can only be achieved if you learn and develop both, inner and external weapons.

W. Lee



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