The 14 Unshakable Laws of Learning Music: How to Master Any Instrument and Singing in 5 Minutes a Day

Do you dream of being on stage, a rock star, pop star, or serenading your loved ones with melodies that flow from the very depths of your soul? Let this guide be the bridge to those dreams. Just a short while ago, my dream was distant, like a fading star. I had a passion, a desire to sing and play, but I hit wall after wall. Every time I tried to learn, I felt more and more disconnected from the world of music. But destiny had another plan. With relentless perseverance over many years, I unveiled the secrets to mastering music in this digital age. I unlocked the treasures of music on various instruments and vocal techniques, amassing knowledge from diverse sectors: digital apps, books, online courses, and hands-on instruction with music teachers…including two college degrees. Unlike most, my journey wasn’t just about signing up for expensive courses or spending hours aimlessly on apps. It was about crafting a blend of apps, books, courses, and sometimes teachers so powerful that failing felt unthinkable. Dive into this ultimate guide for learning music and discover how easily you can reach your dreams.

Meet Dan Spencer

After fighting to find easier ways to make sense of music through a fog of anxiety, ADHD, and trauma from growing up in a cult, I decided to dedicate my life to bringing you simple and straightforward ways to learn, understand, and create music. I’ve helped hundreds of students one-on-one and thousands through books, courses, and social media make music, use their time and focus effectively, and feel confident in their music journey. Because making music is the best way to discover who you really are.