Fancy Visits Connecticut, Georgia, and Idaho

Want to get your child to exercise or simply move more? Then look no further! Fancy, the Flamingo, and her friends have the answer!

Fancy her friends show your child how fun and exciting exercising can be by doing cool moves called BIG HUGS!

And wait there’s more! Not only will your child wiggle and giggle with Fancy and her friends, but he/she will also learn something unique about the United States. Each friend is one of the fifty states.

This series ignites your child’s imagination, fosters a love of moving, embraces individuality, and teaches hidden gems about the United States.

PLUS, inside the book, you will find engaging activities and BIG HUGS diagrams.

My grandkids love wiggling and giggling with Fancy and her friends. And your child will too!!

Fancy, the Flamingo and Friends – Learn and Move Series – are beautifully illustrated ‘must have’ books that will inspire your child for years to come!