Chinese Idioms: With Stories & Analyses

“Chinese Idioms: With Stories and Analyses” takes you on a journey to discover the world of Chinese idioms. With each chapter consisting of a story, lesson, and research section, you will dive into the rich history and cultural significance of these linguistic treasures. Uncover the narratives behind the idioms, gain valuable life lessons embedded within their meanings, and explore the psychological research on their relevance and validity. Accompanied by visually stunning pictures and art, this book provides readers with a profound understanding of Chinese idioms, making it a must-have for language enthusiasts and cultural explorers. Citations for further reading ensure a scholarly yet accessible exploration of these cherished expressions. Embark on a captivating linguistic adventure and unlock the hidden depths of Chinese idioms.

Meet Henry Li

Henry Li is currently a professional accountant. In the past, he has studied and done research in cognitive and social psychology. His knowledge in Chinese culture combined with his past experience as a researcher really shows in his writings. In his spare time, he enjoys having intellectual discussions with his friends over a game of chess.