Alphabet Stuff With Nuff: Abracadabra Alakazoo Yellow Yaks and Zombies Too (Nuff Said Stuff Special Adventures)

Come along on an exciting and zany journey with Nuff Faluff, an eight-year-old boy who often finds himself in a pickle! Follow along as Nuff figures his way out of difficult situations while learning valuable lessons in the process. With a little Abracadabra and Alakazoo, Nuff takes readers on an imaginative journey full of Yellow Yaks, Zillions of Zombies, and more! Take a peek inside and explore the wacky world of Nuff Faluff in this soon to be classic picture book! Along the way, can you count all the related “Big” and “little” letters on a page in one pass today? If you enjoyed the classic picture book Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, you’ll love Nuff Faluff. Buy now before the price changes!

Meet Christine Fields

Christine K. Fields is a freelance writer and techie who grew-up in a small Midwestern town and now resides on the East Coast; that is when she is not traveling and relaxing from the daily grind. In addition to her love of animals, sports, and technology, she also loves to read and write. Whether it be fiction or non-fiction, Christine reads and writes with all her heart and a passion that will at times console you, distract you, or give you knowledge of the world you never thought possible. When she is not reading or writing a good book herself, Christine has a profound interest in personal growth and technology. Whether it is her own growth or helping others to reach their maximum potential, she strives to learn something new each day. Her children’s book series was designed to help young readers learn valuable lessons, while being entertained by a young character going through many of the same things they are. In addition to her passion for literature and helping others, Christine loves to travel. She has traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada, and her world conquests include Austria, Australia, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, U.K., and South Africa. While one day she hopes to see The Great Wall of China, Acropolis of Athens Greece, and Saint Petersburg Russia.