How to Prepare for a Flesh-Eating Bear Attack: Based on a True Story

Two city boys find their imaginations run wild after being dropped off on a remote island.

A teenager and his best friend seek adventure and are dropped off on a remote island in northern Minnesota where they camp for the night. Once their campsite is set up and darkness descends upon the wilderness, they are overcome with the terror of encountering a ferocious bear. With humor that all readers can appreciate, they come face to face with their fears, their manhood, and their creativity in preparing for a fight with the bear.

Based on a true story, How to Prepare for a Flesh-Eating Bear Attack is a quick read that will leave the reader smiling and recalling similar stories of their own youth. This short story is an amusing tale about where the young, imaginative mind can take you.

What reviewers are saying about this story:
An emotionally riveting account that immediately helped me connect with the writer.
A fun read which captures our imaginations and fears about being alone in the woods at night.
The author masterfully pens a tense, horror-filled, gripping, but humorous tale describing the immense fear of a near encounter with a ferocious bear while camping on a deserted island with his friend Todd. I was on the edge of my seat…laughing. Watch out Stephen King!
All adventurers need to read this and laugh out loud at the young campers’ antics!
A good reminder that with humor and friendship we can truly tackle anything.
The writer has a playful, humorous style often with unexpected twists and turns that made me smile and laugh.
The author brings readers back to one’s youth and the sense of wonder and possibilities we had with each adventure we encountered.