Success Life Skills for Teens

Every Teen’s Ultimate Resourceto Master the Most Essential Life Skills and Prepare for a Successful Future… Success Life Skills for Teens is a collection of 4 books that are designed to help you with every aspect of your pursuit of a successful and easy life. Learn everything you need to know from practical life skills such as cooking and cleaning to responsible financial planning and impeccable communication skills that will really give you a bulletproof foundation for entering adulthood. There’s also a career planning deep dive for those who have no idea what they REALLY WANT from life. The combination of the following four books will help you lay the foundation you need to build already as a teen if you really want to make the most out of your life: 1. The Big Book of Adulting Life Skills for Teens: A Complete Guide to All the Crucial Life Skills They Don’t Teach You in School for Teenagers 2. Money Skills for Teens: These Are The Things About Money Management and Personal Finance You Must Know But They Didn’t Teach You in School 3. Social Skills for Teens: A Simple 7-Day System for Teenagers toBreak Out of Shyness, Build a Bulletproof Self-Confidence and Start Overcoming Social Anxiety to Excel in Social Interactions 4. Career Planning for Teens: How to Understand Your Identity, Cultivate Your Skills, Find Your Dream Job And Turn That Into a Successful Career Each book is planned to be engaging and interesting for your teen mind because learning important skills should not be boring (like in school), but FUN! They are packed with simple and actionable tips and strategies along with easy-to-understand examples that will make implementing the new skills as effortless as possible.

Meet Emily Carter

Emily Carter is an author who loves helping teens with their biggest turning point in life, adulting. She grew up in New York and is happily married to her high school sweetheart. She also has two children of her own. In her free time, Emily is an avid volunteer at a local food bank and enjoys hiking, traveling, and reading books on personal development. With over a decade of experience in the education and parenting field she has seen the difference that good parenting and the right tips can make in a teenager’s life. She is now an aspiring writer through which she shares her insights and advice on raising happy, healthy, and resilient children, teens and young adults. Emily’s own struggles with navigating adulthood and overcoming obstacles inspired her to write. She noticed a gap in education regarding teaching essential life skills to teens and young adults, and decided to write comprehensive guides covering everything from money and time management to job searching and communication skills. Emily hopes her books will empower teens and young adults to live their best lives and reach their full potential.