Alien Love Games: The Arena: Alien Fated Mates Marriage (Mated to the Bolans Book 1)

His family pressured him to go on a stupid love match game show. He didn’t intend to win. Dexton My family said it was time for me to produce an heir, but I refused to marry for convenience because everyone said when you saw your mate, it would slap you in the face. My species bonds once for life, and I was waiting for her no matter what my family wanted. Then my government decided to participate in the Alien Love Games intending to strengthen relations with a planet called Earth. My family signed me up without my knowledge. When I was chosen to take part, I was determined to lose spectacularly. Until I walked into the arena and saw her… Ava I was tired of the daily grind on Earth, and I needed adventure. When the opportunity to be on the Alien Love Game was literally handed to me, I jumped at the chance. I saw all the pictures of the hot alien guys competing and I wouldn’t mind flirting with any of them. I wasn’t expecting love and as long as I ended up with someone compatible, I’d be thrilled. If it didn’t work out, they assured me I could go back to Earth. So sign me up for some aliens competing for my love. I didn’t realize that I had to choose the type of competition for the men vying for my heart. What was more romantic than an arena fight? No one would get seriously hurt, but if one guy was stronger than all the rest? Mmmm, yeah. He’d be the one I wanted. What no one told me is that Bolans mated for life. Warning: This is a 21k word story with a lot of spiciness. You’ve been warned. Disclaimer: The Interplanetary Unity Council takes no responsibility for any of the alien smut found in this multi-author collaboration. Not recommended for youth who have not reached legal adulthood on their home planet.

Meet Kyra Keys

Hey, Kyra Keys here. Avid reader/blogger turned erotica writer during the pandemic — because what else was there to do? I’ve been reading steamy romance novels since elementary school when I would “borrow” my mother’s books. Discovered the key to her locked cabinet in high school and gained access to her stash of good books and was hooked ever since. I stumbled upon alien erotica novels early in the pandemic, and I honestly hadn’t known non-cheesy ones were out there. I always assumed they would be stupid. But bored with the never-ending sameness, I happened upon one with a hot alien cover and started reading. As they say, the rest is history. And here I am, writing alien erotica….