Duck Buddies: The Secret Clubhouse

Dani Mallard is new in town. At first, she feels lonely and scared. But with the help of a new duck buddy, Dani shows even the coolest kids that we can be friends–one and all! DUCK BUDDIES WORLD An enchanting universe of ducks and pals told through children’s picture books with: • positive values and messages • friendship, diversity, and inclusion • subtle, humorous wordplay for adults • engaging illustrations based on well-loved NFT projects Ever thought, “I want a childrens book adults like too!”? Then, you’re in the right place. DUCK BUDDIES: THE SECRET CLUBHOUSE This humorous book for kids is the first in an upcoming series that engages young readers–even reluctant readers!–and gives adults a few bonus laughs that children will miss (like Pixar movies and Sponge Bob do). It’s a lovely book with a positive message for kids—but one that won’t bore grown-ups to tears as they read it aloud. The main characters are inspired by the artwork from well-known non-fungible token (NFT) projects on the Ethereum blockchain. If you have no idea what that last sentence means, do not fear! Although big fans of web3 will find bonus jokes, references, and other ‘easter eggs’ inside the book (#LFG), you do not have to know anything about web3, NFTs, or blockchain technology to love the story. So… ATTENTION: Parents, Grandparents, Preschool Teachers, Primary School Teachers, Friends, and Family If you have a: • kid in your life ages 3 to 8 (or older!) • cheeky sense of humor • love for great stories told with rhyming and illustrated beautifully • penchant for entertaining books with positive messages Then, come along with Dani Mallard, Ducky Ducker, Alli Ape, and the rest of the animal friends in this new universe. Duck Buddies: The Secret Clubhouse awaits!

Meet Laptop Laura

@LaptopLaura is a high school teacher turned ghostwriter, writing coach, podcaster, and content marketing consultant. She earned a BA in Psychology from UCLA and later did a Masters in Secondary Education and Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification. Laura has spoken on stage on three continents and at incredible events including, Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeCon, Social Media Marketing World (as an emcee), Podcast Movement, and San Diego Start-Up Week. Duck Buddies: The Secret Clubhouse is her first children’s book. While written with a positive message about inclusion and being yourself, it also has subtle references to the NFT projects that inspired the artwork and wordplay to make adults with a sense of humor chuckle. Fun Facts: Laura has flown in Zero G, is Rescue Diver scuba certified, and loves to dance Salsa. Learn More: