Procrastinate: Put It Off Yet Again, Maybe Do Some More Laundry, and Put the “PRO” in Procrastinate

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” – Mark Twain Feeling overwhelmed by the “Just Do It!” and “Get It Done!” mindset? Is your secret whisper more like, “What if I just don’t do it?” Then this book is for you! What you might discover in this book: Learn to feel good about not getting it done–ever! Discover Passive Income Strategies based on the Procrastination Movement (see “To Do Lists”) Create new calendars that (finally!) have days like “Someday” and “Never” And probably not so much more! Finally, a book that rewards laundry, binge-watching, and really getting those shower tiles to sparkle. Let’s put the PRO in procrastinate! Grab your copy tomorrow! Seriously, what’s the rush? It’ll be there the next day, too. See, you’re learning already! Become a PRO Procrastinator tomorrow!

Meet Bradley Charbonneau

Bradley Charbonneau has blah blah blah written 33 books and held a write-every-single-day streak of 2,808 days in a row. Yeah, whatever. Who cares, right? Do you know what Bradley’s best numbers are? Zero and One. Zero is the number of books he had before he started writing even One day in a row. One is the number of books (and days in a row) he wrote once he finally got over his imposter syndrome, his perfectionism, doubt, fear, anxiety, and last but not least: procrastination. The problem was that he started out trying to write his Best Book Ever. (PRO TIP: impossible) It would have made things a whole lot easier, faster, and a ton more fun had he only started with his Worst Book Ever. Join him in starting–and finishing–your first (or never-going-to-happen) book at