The Beautiful Normal

Two lawyers, debt, drugs, desperation, and a crossroads. A shallow man’s awakening.

Once-prominent young trial lawyer Jake Martin has fallen to the rank of ambulance chaser as a result of a decade controlled by his destructive ego, indiscriminate spending, and substance abuse. One hungover morning near the end of it all, Jake finds he has two cases left in the file cabinet – one good and one bad. And like any normal American, he owes seven-figures to a loan shark. But that’s all fine and good because his eccentric, and sometimes brilliant, Cajun law partner Wayne Devereux will be manning the good case today while on the tail-end of an accidental acid trip. Everything should go well, right?

Now with only a single dusty bad case left in the file cabinet, desperate Jake contacts an old client with a phone full of powerful contacts. Preying on their desperation, a new acquaintance makes a proposal that, if accepted, will either make Jake and Devereux rich or land them both in prison. As they are about to execute the alleged fool-proof plan, Jake’s materialistic needs are disturbed by an encounter with an old girlfriend. He must ultimately decide whether to move forward with the deal or defy the Cartel in favor of a new love and his duty to his last client.