Overcoming The Trap Of Insecurity: My Journey Towards A Fearless and Fulfilling Life

It’s time for you to overcome your insecurity and fear so you set foot on the path to a life of freedom and fulfillment. Here’s your invitation to go on a journey with the author, Jo-Ann May, as she explores how insecurity came to play a major role in her life and how she learned to address it, so it no longer has control over how she shows up in the world. Let’s dive in and see how childhood experiences shape our lives and learn to navigate those stormy waters so we are not shipwrecked when the waves come, as they will. It’s time to say no to being a victim by taking charge of your life. – Know that healing is available. – Know that help is accessible. The world is waiting for you to come into your own. You may not feel that way now, but there is greatness inside of you, looking for an opportunity to burst forth. Is it easy? No. Will it hurt? At times. Will it be worth it? Most definitely. Insecurity will no longer be your story!!

Meet Jo-Ann May

Jo-Ann May is a Jamaican author who grew up within walking distance from the beach. The scent of saltwater in the air and the sparkling hues of the Caribbean Sea oftentimes soothed her mind and gave way to many hours of self-reflection from which this first manuscript was born. She holds a bachelors in Motorsports Engineering from Coventry University and uses a combination of wit, vulnerability and concise language to bring a smorgasbord of life experiences to bear to identify with and guide people struggling with emotional difficulties to seek out potential solutions. She loves to sing, crazy dance in the comfort of her home and enjoys driving around the country to enjoy nature.