The Parent’s Handbook for Talking WITH Your Teens about Social Media

| May 18, 2014


The Parent's Handbook for Talking WITH Your Teens about Social Media: The Right Words and Effective Techniques to Get Your Kids Safely On Board

In seconds, parents can master the techniques and words for talking with their social networking teens and pre-teens in the must-have conversations about cyber safety and social media. This parents handbook teaches the simple steps for talking with teens—even about the embarrassing, confrontational and tricky topics both parents and kids prefer to avoid. Teach your kids how to handle the top 3 cyber-safety concerns when social networking: strangers, cyber bullies and (so called) ‘friends’ who may be lurking on your teens social networks, secretly using embarrassing and hurtful tactics to control your child’s social media fun or expose your child’s personal information in ways that can be damaging now or in the future. Learn about the ‘secret’ social network sites available only on smartphones and tablets. Avoid parenting pitfalls, which cause parents to unknowingly sabotage their Facebook friendships with their kids. Learn to coach your kids to think wisely in today’s web culture!

This book is a ‘how to’ parent’s handbook revealing simple secrets for talking with teens confidently and comfortably. The Parent’s Handbook for talking WITH Your Teens about Social Media gives parents the words, the wisdom, and the effective communication tools for starting and continuing the essential conversations about their teens’ actions and activities on the cyber world.

Parents learn how to:


    • Talk with their teens and tweens about cyber privacy, safety, growing concerns about excessive exposure on the internet, and other prickly subjects both parents and their kids prefer to ignore.
    • Collaborate with their young teens to get them off to a good social networking start, and team with their older teens who think there’s nothing new to know.
    • Be ready to troubleshoot social media red flags, cyber-bullies and “friends” who are strangers or potential predators
    • Discuss today’s more complicated version of the parenting advice “Don’t talk to strangers!”
    • The secrets about mobile devices that your kids are gravitating to.
    • Set social media rules and make networking agreements that stick.
    • Avoid parenting pitfalls to keep their friend status with their kids on Facebook.
    • Take the right action when their kids want to take a new social media step.
    • Stay in the loop with their teens who can be found by their social network with GPS precision, wherever they may be.
    • Coach their kids to think wisely, sorting out their social life issues in person instead of in text boxes.

Parents, feel your social media concerns melt away!


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