Hexes From Exes: A Demon Romance Story (Anathamea On Earth Book 1)

Revenge comes in many forms. This time, it’s a smoking hot demon.

When a quintet of angry ex-boyfriends gathers to exact their revenge on Stephanie, they prepare a pentagram that summons Rick, a revenge demon they had no idea would appear.

Determined to ensure she feels the pain she’s caused them all, the exes task Rick with making Stephanie fall in love with someone she can’t have. But hexes, like love, can sometimes take a turn, and Rick soon discovers that Stephanie isn’t quite the monster her exes have made her out to be.

The magic-depleted demon realm thirsts for curses like these and the magic they bring, but even that doesn’t stop a love-scorched revenge demon from using his discretion in doling out Stephanie’s curse. Except Rick’s discretion may quickly transform into temptation. Or worse, a forbidden love that could threaten far more than just his home realm’s magical reserves.