Provocative Therapy: The Healing Power of Dark Humor (Psychology and Psychotherapy Theories and Practices Book 2)

Who said that psychotherapy can’t be hilariously funny?

Humor can significantly enhance the effectiveness of psychotherapy!

Immerse yourself in the origins of this unique psychotherapy method.
Explore innovative ideas about the power of humor in psychotherapy and coaching.
Uncover the archetypal foundation of Provocative Therapy inspired by the myths of the Trickster and the Holy Fool.
Delve into the transformational potential of Group Provocative Psychotherapyand the important rules that define successful group dynamics.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and key elements that lead to the success of Provocative Therapy.
Explore the effectiveness of Provocative Coaching and its focus points.
Dive into the fascinating world of Provocative Drama and its role in therapeutic interventions.
Discover how Provocative Therapy methods can be integrated into Ericksonian practice.
Explore the pathopsychological profiles and their significance in Provocative Psychotherapy, including hysteroid, paranoid, psychopathic, obsessive-compulsive, schizoid, epileptoid, schizophrenic, and manic-depressive profiles.

The authors of this valuable book are leading experts in the field of psychotherapy. It will serve as an indispensable resource for therapists, psychologists, and anyone interested in the power of humor in psychotherapy and counseling. Embrace the challenge of exploring alternative approaches and implementing unconventional, conversational interventions. Discover alternative paths to problem-solving, develop effective communication skills, and overcome the challenges of modern psychotherapy.

Join the movement, understand it, and integrate humor into your therapeutic practice.

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Meet Artem Kudelia PhD

Dr. Artem Kudelia is a psychologist, therapist, and coach with extensive expertise in integrative approaches. He employs a wide range of therapeutic methods, including cognitive, behavioral, hypnotic, psychodynamic, transpersonal, systemic, and other approaches. His primary goal is to help clients achieve well-being and personal growth through counseling, coaching, and meditation.

By incorporating different perspectives and techniques, Artem aims to provide a holistic and personalized therapeutic experience. He understands that coaching, unlike therapy, focuses on supporting individuals without severe mental health issues in realizing their full potential and achieving success in various areas of life. His work is influenced by integral models of psychology, which encompass all quadrants and levels of human experience. Artem embraces a multidimensional view of human nature, considering biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects in his therapeutic interventions.