THE INNOVATIVE ANIMAL: Unveiling the Hidden Pattern within All Natural & Human Innovations

Imagine a world where innovation permeates every facet of existence. A reality where the boundaries between perception and truth blur, revealing a deeper, more enigmatic understanding of our universe. In ‘The Innovative Animal: Unveiling the Hidden Pattern within All Natural & Human Innovations,’ prepare to embark on a journey that challenges your perception of reality, weaving together ancient wisdom and modern progress to uncover both the visible and hidden layers of the Matrix that shapes your very existence as it:

Redefines the vast ocean of innovation beyond the typical business and technological boundaries, to include any natural or human, physical or mental creation serving a purpose.
Dives into the deep waters of “change”, and how this fundamental concept is intertwined with existence itself.
Challenges and superpose western science and progress (quantum physics, industrial revolutions, etc.) and eastern philosophies and beliefs (Yin & Yang, religions, etc.) to build a comprehensive picture of the role of innovation in shaping our reality.
Explores the 5 variables of the timeless innovative pattern: Need, Motivation, Creativity, Technology and Value.
Provides a thought-provoking outlook into the state-of-the-art of human innovativeness and where it’s leading us as individuals and a species.

Meet Nizar M. Benazzouz

Dr. Nizar M. Benazzouz, MBA and PhD in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management, is a lifelong learner with an extensive background in IT engineering with over 10 years managing digital projects for global companies and over 3 years lecturing entrepreneurship & innovation management classes at business schools. Driven by an innate desire to better understand human behavior, he strives to find connections between the materialistic and spiritual aspects of our existence.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr. Benazzouz is an avid photographer and a passionate world traveler always eager to explore. When he’s not traversing the globe, you can find him around Paris or Barcelona playing football, meditating in nature or dancing to the Cuban salsa rythmes.