Mocktails Unleashed!: A Fun and Empowering 1-Month Plan to Stop Drinking Alcohol and Live Life to Its Fullest

Mocktails Unleashed! by Alita Hunter is your witty companion for a month of alcohol-free living, serving humor, relatable advice, and creative non-alcoholic alternatives. Based on Alita’s journey from social drinker to empowered sober enthusiast, this book unfolds the joy and benefits of sobriety, including enhanced vitality, mental clarity, and exciting new hobbies. Learn useful techniques and amusing anecdotes for navigating social situations, embracing your “Sassy Soberista” persona, and experiencing positive changes such as restful sleep and radiant skin. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, save money, or enhance your social life without alcohol, this book offers a refreshing approach. Prepare for a one-person party—a celebration of life without the booze, where you’re the star, guest, and host! So, why wait? Dive in and kickstart your sassy, sober journey with the Mocktail Revolution!

Meet Alita Hunter

American author Alita Hunter has a passion for writing about issues affecting women. Although she works in marketing, she has always used writing as a creative outlet. Alita writes about topics she is passionate about and with which she has personal experience, like relationships and sobriety. Her writing style is compelling and relatable, enticing readers with her openness and enlightening viewpoints. Alita is focused on emphasizing the experiences of women, and she hopes that her writing will motivate and uplift her readers to lead inspiring and fulfilling lives.