Unbroken Truth

“Lundh is absolutely an author I would return to and recommend.” – Cheryl M-M, Goodreads reviewer. ★★★★★

“Where Lundh really excelled for me, however, was in his evocations of seedy city life on an inhospitable world.” – Stephanie Jane, Literary Flits. ★★★★

“For fans of steelpunk, thrillers, or something completely different, dive deep into this book. It’s an investment, but a worthwhile one.” – Lauren, Goodreads reviewer. ★★★★

“I was blown away by the Tolkien-levels of detail included about the world and its lore.” – Claire, Goodreads reviewer. ★★★★

Unbroken Truth is a spy thriller set in a rich dystopian fantasy world, where modern technology mixes with magical phenomenon and non-human species. It is the first book in the Gleam series.

Lentsay “Len” Yoriya is a disgraced detective in the Lansfyrd PD eking out a living in a crumbling city. Loving the wrong person means she is shunned by her colleagues, relegated to solving pointless crimes. With no family in the city, and with few friends, Len dreams of change.

When a high-profile murder shakes the city, Len sees a chance to get the promotion she needs to make a better life for herself and her partner. But the leads point to a larger conspiracy affecting the upcoming election, forcing Len to question whether the city she serves is worth protecting, and how much a promotion really is worth.

With time running out, and the future of the city at stake, Len must choose between the career she’s longed for, and the people she loves.